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Woven Tags are suppliers of Garment Labels, Size Tags,Satin labels ,Text only labels , Customized Woven Labels,clothing Woven Labels, Fancy Woven Label, Hem Tags, Patches and Quality Damask Label.With stylish and eye-catching custom woven labels, you can both promote your products and show your commitment to quality.

These tags help you to instill customer confidence on your brand, as well as attach your reputation and image to them.You are buying your custom made labels from Premium Woven Label Supplier with Professional Quality Controland the best prices on the internet.We believe a work of craftsmanship should reflect skill and excellence.Superior in quality to any woven label on the market.

This is our signature high-def small gauge denier woven damaskCompare to any other woven label on the market, this beats them hands down Clothing labels never looked so refined... We can weave your name into our damaskCenter fold damask "Clench" label for wrapping single logo images on shirt cuffs or flaps of cargo pants. Put something on front and back for no extra cost. Notice the clarity of detail, true colors here. This type of label is perfect for added value pricing.

Owing to the following attributes of our products, we are prime choice of our clients:

•Sharp clarity
•Detailed artwork
•Elegant design
•Attractive colors
•Diverse designs

Just Buy with confidence, if we cannot make your label, we will give you a full refund.

To check your order status or product samples, please contact us for more details.

  How to Create your own text only labels?

1. Send us your letter design or we can design it for you. We recommend  3 colors in option

2. choose your favorite text color and background color

3. Let us know your letter design's font styles (e.g. we offer you free designs if you don't have.)

(Please note: The transitional colors and shadow effects are not possible.)
(After purchase, please e-mail us your design in jpeg, pdf or psd format etc)

Recommneded Label Size:

Length: The size within 0.4 inch to 2 inches
Width: The size within 0.4 inch to 1.5 inches

Label colors:

Any colors (we have more than 1000 colors in stock, if we don’t have the colors you want then we will try our best to match them for you!)

Color issue:
(*we will try our best to match the closest possible colors. However, please understand that colors may not be 100% exactly the same
because the colors vary slightly on different monitors, and the fabrics combination will slightly change the colors as well.*)

We Offer:

Delivery of the order will be within 9 days from the approval of the sample.With stylish and eye-catching custom Woven tags, you can both promote your products and show your commitment to quality.
• Excellent customer service.
• Convenient online quote and ordering.
• In house graphic arts design team.
• Quick Delivery.
• prices
• Excellent quality
• In case of emergency - Rush production

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